Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Chelomei Experience

This blog has gone unattended and without updates far too long. There is much I have accomplished during my search for knowledge related to the technologies of Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomei. 

The original purpose of this blog site is to give homage and respect to the  creativity and technology of Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomei. While many people recognize Konstantin Tsiolkovsky as the father of human spaceflight, and Sergei Korolev & Wernher Von Braun as the men who developed the technology which put the majority of humans into space, but it was Chelomei who developed the technology which gave man the means to live in the cosmos. His Almaz space station design was the building block of the Space Stations which have housed hundred of cosmonauts, and continues to be an integral component to the International Space Station. And yet, despite his numerous accomplishments, his name remains obscure and is relatively unknown.

Over the coming months I will be posting blogs highlighting my effort to write and publish a book, create models and technical illustrations, and the best part of all of this - search for information - all related to the Chelomei space station program and it's associated hardware. I will also share the joys associate with finding information, as well as the tribulations of trying to translate the many Russian/Soviet document I have obtained.

I have recently begun to write "A Technological History of the Almaz Reusable Return Vehicle".  It is by far the most interesting technology, and was WAY ahead of its time.

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